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To help sell
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For offices

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For exhibitions
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For people on the move.

For expats waiting for their own furniture to arrive, furniture rental is a great solution to get the family settled faster into their new home in stead of waiting in a hotel for their own furniture to arrive. This saves enormous hotel and living expenses, and speeds the settling-in process for the whole family.

For expats on short term assignments, getting an apartment and renting furniture and accessories can be a preferable solution to staying in a hotel. We can arrange everything quickly so you just have to move in and- live.

Please contact us for further details.

To help sell or rent homes - model apartments, rental properties.

Whether you're a landlord trying to rent or sell a home, or a developer selling units in an apartment complex - we have furniture solutions to help you rent or sell faster.

Presenting your property well furnished is more likely to lead to success in renting or selling. Property looks better furnished. And once under contract you do not have the burden of ownership of the furniture and it is gone - hassle free. Unless of course the tenant/purchaser wants to keep the furniture!

Please contact us for further details.

For offices.

The business environment is always changing. New contracts, temporary assignments, mergers and acquisitions. Renting office furniture gives you the flexibility you sometimes need. We can provide office furniture quickly.

We can even plan the space for you. And when you don’t need the furniture anymore, we remove it - hassle free. And you always have the option to buy the furniture at a reduced rate.

Please contact us for further details.

For exhibitions and events.

We furnish stands at exhibits making them attractive and functional for your customers. We discuss with you your needs and prepare a plan. Once approved you need not worry anymore. Your stand is furnished on time and within budget, and at the end of the exhibit, everything is taken away without anymore trouble for you.

We provide furniture and equipment, including computers and projectors, for training events. We even can set up internet connections and other IT solutions. So you can schedule your training or other event, and we will put everything in place for you, and of course then remove it once you are finished.

Please contact us for further details.