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Why rent furniture?

It saves money.

If you need furniture for a specific period and purpose then renting can be cheaper than buying. Or, in fact, if you are not sure how long you will need the furniture, renting can be the cost-effective solution because you can always buy the furniture later at a much reduced rate.
Renting also helps you concentrate on your core business - being it selling your home faster, settling your staff in faster, furnishing your office faster.

Avoid the hassles of new furniture.

Buying furniture requires time and thought. You rarely can buy everything in one place, so it requires multiple sources and arrangements. It also requires judgement how to match pieces, where to place them, and how to accessorize. With rental, you immediately get professionally sourced furniture and accessories tastefully placed in your office or home. And you don't have all the bookkeeping required to manage an asset.


Rental is fast. You can get the right furniture and accessories in the right place tomorrow with just one phone call or e-mail.


Rental furniture is always available, not like new furniture that generally has to be ordered, or sometimes is not available in stock.


The whole process of renting is convenient - just an e-mail or a phone call and your place is furnished. Maybe more importantly, later when you don’t need the furniture anymore, with one phone call or e-mail it is gone. No disposal problems. No trying to sell it, - or even give it away. No asset to account for.


It's easier to keep within your budget because you are sourcing everything at once - one price. When buying you never really know what you can buy, when and from whom, making it more complicated to keep within budget.


VAT is a deductable business expense. In fact the whole rental invoice is a generally deductable business expense which can make it very tax effective.
Please check with your tax professional concerning your particular situation.

Please contact us today to discuss your particular needs.